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Website design

Whether you need a website refresh or a whole new design, the BTS Website Design service is the perfect choice! 

is having a website necessary?

Honestly it just depends on your business! But if you want a space that showcases your brand and who you are, it’s definitely worth looking into! The BTS Website Design Services are here to take “building a website” off your to-do list. Whether you’re looking for a landing page, a full website, or the peace of mind knowing your website is taken care of, there is an option for you! 

Web Design Offers

Install + Customization

If the idea of installing a website template and customizing it to your brand is overwhelming, then this is the package for you. In just 48 hours your template will be installed and customized with your brand fonts, color, icons, and photos ready for you to share with the world! 

Custom Website

Can’t find the template that has all the things you want and need your website design to have? Let’s build it together! In 10 business days you’ll have your custom website ready to publicize on all the things! 

Monthly Maintenance

The monthly website maintenance package is perfect for your peace of mind and having someone who can get those website updates off your to do list ASAP! 

the bts process

Let’s chat about the behind the scenes process for both an installation and custom website! 

STEP One: answer Questionnaire
You'll get a questionnaire that you should answer as detailed as possible. We'll go over everything in our discovery call, but no detail is too small to note in this document!
STEP TWO: Discovery Chat
We'll hop on a call so we can chat about all the things that is you and your brand. This is a 30-45 minute Zoom call and we go over everything from your questionnaire and any other additional questions you may have.
STEP THREE: Website Blueprint
For Custom Websites only: I build out a demo of your website on Canva so that you can easily comment your edits. (You will need a Canva account!)
STEP four: Website Edits
For both custom and customized installations, you'll note the changes you would like to be made, send them over in an email, and I'll do the edits! Custom Websites get two rounds of edits. Customized Installations get one round of edits.
STEP FIVE: Wrap Up Chat
We'll hop on a 30 minute call to go over all the things on your website, answer any questions you may have and then your website is ready to launch into the world!

let's do this!

Are you ready to have the behind the scenes of your business taken care of?

Seriously… no pressure! Let’s just chat and see if we’re a good fit for what you are looking for! 


I once flew to the middle of the country to meet a girl I met on Instagram… she’s now one of my best friends. But I totally understand the hesitation and that you’re a busy business owner, so here’s the TLDR version of an “about me”. 😉

hi, I'm Janine

I’m the oldest of five kids, but also in the middle of a huge extended family. I’m a consistent 2, 6 & 9 on the enneagram which basically just means that I love helping in any way that I can, am loyal to a fault, and strive to keep the peace at all times. I was born and raised in Southern California, but recently uprooted my entire life to a place my soul can breathe in NW Florida! And honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

a few favs

Working behind the scenes so that you can work on doing all the things that you love to do!