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My entire blogging journey started with a faith blog. Today it’s a family affair as we encourage + equip A Deeper Pursuit of Jesus. 


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Hi, I’m Janine and I’m a shopaholic.. but truly, so here’s all the things for designing the life you love that I just can’t live without! 

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Shop all my favorite devos, my journaling bible, and all the tools to grow deeper with Jesus.



from a pretty desk to the best planners, to all the programs- I’ve got you boss babe!



designing the life you LOVE can be a little expensive at times, so here are some of my favorite deals! 

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Who is this girl and what is her deal?

My least favorite thing to be told is, “So tell me about yourself”… but that’s because it’s super simple- I LOVE. I love people, I love being encouraging, I love helping others chase their dreams, and I love sharing all the things that I think you would love. 


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Whatever Is Devotional

A 10-day devotional on cultivating peace in an anxious world. As we dive into Philippians 4:8&9, we chat about how we can create an environment of peace to escape to while we learn how to think about the things God wants us to in order to fight those anxious thoughts.