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You know when you get coffee with a friend? Something like that...

The truth is, I’m just an everyday girl who LOVES encouraging people. I love being the cheerleader for my friends in their passions, their faith, and life. I love sharing all the things I find that I think might help make life easier for others. If I could, I’d have an open door and cozy seat for anyone who needs an extra dose of love and encouragement. So, that’s what this space is- come on in, friend. There’s a seat waiting just for you.

become that girl with me?

I spent the first 21 days of 2022 becoming "that girl"...

Okay, not really “that girl” because I’m not a huge fan of becoming anyone other than me. It’s basically just 21 days of intentionally working on becoming the best possible version of myself… want to give it a try?

21 days to becoming 
that girl
Or rather being intentional on becoming the best possible version of ourselves. 
Ready? Let's do it!
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Working behind the scenes so that you can work on doing all the things that you love to do!