Five Ways to Be Social on Social Media

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I’ve said it a million times, but it deserves to be said louder for those in the back, “you have to be social on social media!”

Contrary to what people might believe, hiring a social media manager is not the magic answer to an organic growth on social media. Which might make you wonder why you should hire me, right? I know, I know. But I’m all about telling you the truth and that’s the truth.

So what is the answer to grow on social media platforms? Being Social.

Yup! The answer is literally in the name.

But – and this is why you SHOULD hire me 😉 – how can you be social on social media? I’m sharing my top five favorite ways to be social and stand out a little.

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#1 – Respond to every single comment and DM you receive

I know it’s tempting to just like the message or delete messages from forever ago. I know this should go without saying, but part of being social on social media is responding to those who reach out to you. So make sure you respond to every single comment that is posted on your images and when someone DM’s you respond back as soon as possible.

#2 – Respond with voice messages in the DM’s

While we’re on the topic of responding to messages- instead of typing out a quick, “thank you so much (insert whichever emoji is your go-to)”, my absolute FAVORITE way to respond to people is by sending them a voice message. It’s a simple way to be extra personal. Not only does it make you stand out, but it also reminds the person on the other end that you are, in fact, a real person.

#3 – Be genuine in your comments on others’ posts

Start commenting on your ideal client’s social media posts, (if you’re wondering how to find them you can read this post here) and be genuine. Don’t simply comment an emoji or “I love that”. Be specific in what you love about what they shared. Connect with them genuinely. There really is a difference!

#4 – Ask questions

This is another super simple way to be social- ask your audience questions. Instagram is no longer a photo app, they love videos and stories! So if you’re struggling to figure out what you should put in your stories, start with asking questions and make sure to use the poll and quiz stickers. These tools on Instagram are such an easy addition to being social, and chances are if they just have to choose an option, they’ll actually do it!

#5 – Don’t be afraid to get personal

Think about your real life relationships. Sharing personal things helps those relationships grow stronger, same thing with social media. Now, I’m not suggesting you share your deepest, darkest secrets, but I am saying to share the things that your ideal audience might also be struggling with. I can’t tell you how many times I go back and forth on posting something that is pretty personal, but every single time I do share it, the feedback I get is unbelievable. Social media has a tendency to be a photo album of our best moments, so when you let your guard down and get a little personal, you remind people that you’re relatable.


Let’s Recap the Five Ways to be social on social media

You can: respond to every comment and DM- using voice message when you can, comment genuinely on your ideal followers posts, ask questions to utilize your IG story, and please, please don’t be afraid to get personal!

What do you think!? Told ya these were five super simple ways to be social and intentional on social media! Let me know if you try any of these out, or what YOU might do to be social!

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