who's this girl?

hi friend, I'm Janine...

There is so much I could share with you, but I’ll start with a few fun facts in case you’re short on time!

I think we can call these fun facts 😉 :

  • Can’t Live Without: My Journaling Bible (writing + Jesus- enough said.)
  • Favorite Trip: Italy! I went for my 25th birthday and it was a literal dream come true!
  • Must Have Accessory: Dainty necklaces
  • My Love Language: Words of Affirmation + Quality Time (depends on the day!)
  • My Enneagram: After taking this test 7 times and getting the same numbers over and over again, I’m convinced I’m a 2. 
  • Favorite Store: Target… duh! 😉 
  • Best Advice: Find the place where Jesus meets you + then show up there every day. 

here's my heart...

I am the WORST at introducing myself to people. I never know quite what to say, because I’m just an everyday kinda girl. So the only thing I really say is hi, I’m janine! Friends call me j, I’m the worst at texting, and if it could just be fall weather all year round, I would be the happiest girl alive. 🙃

I’ve been writing since I was about eight years old, so I’m definitely most comfortable as the girl behind the words… literally. 

If I gave you a glimpse of the pages in my journal, you’d find a girl who has days full of doubt + days of faith. You’d read about a girl who is struggling to see the good + struggles to think bad of anyone.

You’d see the days where there were tears of heartache + others that were tears of joy. You’d meet a girl filled with confidence + a girl whose insecurities get the best of her at times.

With every word you read, I pray you’ll find encouragement and hope in the lessons I’ve walked through, the ones I’m still going through, and the ones that are sure to come. And above all, sweet friend, I hope with every fiber in my being that you’ll see Jesus sweetly pursuing me and find Him pursuing you 

behind the scenes

I lived that “work from home life” before 2020 entered the scene. Whenever I post about it on social media, I get asked what it is that I actually do…. well, a lot of different things happen over here behind the scenes of my life, but here’s a snapshot: 


A Deeper Pursuit

I started off blogging with a faith blog. In 2021 it pivoted into a family ministry that I get the immense honor and pleasure of leading. Check it out here!


Virtual Assistant

I LOVE cheering on other boss babes as they pursue their God-sized dreams, and I am so blessed to be a virtual assistant to a few amazing ones! 


Content Creator

I am constantly creating content for myself and for my clients. Anything from social media graphics to blog posts, and everything in between! 

current favorite quote:

God can, and will, meet you on the kitchen floor.

a deeper pursuit

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